Sign our Anonymous Petition Page

Our ANONYMOUS Petition page allows you to “vote” YES OR NO if you think Judge Christopher Dupuy should be asked to resign or be removed from office.  Only statistical information is released to the public- i.e., the number of people who have “voted” or signed and whether or not they voted YES OR NO.  If you elect YES, we will collect your personal information but will only release it to the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct and/or Galveston County officials or others holding decision making roles in government with power to assist in his removal from office.  Your personal information will not be released by us to the public at any time.  No one will be able to see your name or information, regardless of whether you vote YES or NO, on this website.  We cannot guarantee that the Commission or the County will not release your information- however- NO information will be forwarded to anyone unless there is a sufficient number of respondents.

Click here to go to the Public Petition to Remove Judge Christopher Dupuy from Office

One thought on “Sign our Anonymous Petition Page

  1. By handing his duties over to the AG’s Office rather than requesting a special investigator and prosecutor, District Attorney Roady has assigned the complaints againt Dupuy to the trash heap. He knows the AG’s Office is overwhelmed with public corruption investigations and it will take years for them to do anything with Dupuy. Roady can now say he’s taken action while knowing full well that no action will be taken before the next election. Dupuy will therefore be saved from criminal prosecution and Roady believes he can affirm to the public that he’s a law-and-order D.A. Roady and Dupuy both need to go at the next election.

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