Controversial judge is target of complaints; DA asks state AG to investigate

Controversial judge is target of complaints; DA asks state AG to investigate

Posted Feb 22, 2013 10:00 AM CST
By Martha Neil

The state attorney general has been asked to look into unspecified complaints against a controversial Texas judge.

Galveston County Court-at-Law Judge Christopher Dupuy “presides over one-third of the thousands of misdemeanor cases prosecuted by my office each year,” DA Jack Roady tells the Houston Chronicle, so it would be a problem for his office to handle the complaints.

The DA declined to describe issues raised about the judge, but said he had received more than one complaint.

Meanwhile, KHOU reports that the judge held what the station called a “bizarre” criminal contempt hearing last week, concerning a recusal motion filed by a lawyer who appeared before him in a divorce case.

And the Beaumont Enterprise reports that one recent complaint against the judge was made by a lawyer who contends that Dupuy faxed legal advice to his fiance from his chambers.

The Enterprise reports that Dupuy has called the complaints against him politically motivated. And it appears from a recent Texas Lawyer (sub. req.) article that Dupuy’s efforts to prevent a part-time family law judge from practicing in family law matters in his court is behind at least some of the complaints.

The Chronicle reported last year that Dupuy had sparked a fracas by holding another judge in contempt of court for violating his order not to practice family law.

A judge recently complained to county officials in an email that people are fearful of Dupuy, the Chronicle reports in yet another article. An investigation by the county sheriff, county judge and the DA found no basis to take action.

Additional coverage:

Chronicle (2011): “Galveston County judge finds conflict at every turn”

Galveston County Daily News (sub. req.): “Not a matter of cronyism, but necessity”

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